Blue Sugar

Posted: 05 Mar 2019
blue sugar 3

This stray peacock, soon to be known as the craftiest outlaw Peacock in RSPCA South Australia history, did his best to outsmart our rescue officers for weeks!

Reported as a stray to RSPCA South Australia’s hotline, Rescue Officer Soraya was first on the scene at Elizabeth Park, only to find the peacock had disappeared.

A few days later, another call came through. Blue Sugar was making himself at home on a roof – and eating absolutely everything in the caller’s front yard.

It sure was an unusual case, but nothing really surprises our rescue officers. They’re used to arriving in our Animal Ambulance to find animals in all sorts of precarious positions, plucking animals from hot cars, narrow chimneys, deep drains, raging floodwaters and busy roads, to name just a few.

This time Rescue Officer Nalika attended but, despite throwing out some delish chook pellets, was unable to catch the mischievous peacock.

A third attempt by Rescue Officer Soraya was also unsuccessful, as the peacock managed – just – to outrun her net.

Finally, rescue officers Soraya and Dave embarked on a joint effort. “We decided time was up for the outlaw peacock,” Soraya recalls. “We were in luck as it was sunning itself in a corner, keeping low to outwit us. We crept up with nets at the ready and Dave got him! After all that, the peacock didn’t even put up a fight.”