Posted: 05 Mar 2019

Indy may have been initially found as a cheeky stray, but she would soon be transformed into a well-behaved, much loved, social media star!

Despite Indy’s sweet nature, she originally had some behavioural problems including being very nervous with new people, stemming from what we suspected may have been a difficult upbringing.

After passing her initial training, Indy was placed up for adoption.

Indy’s soon-to-be new mum Kiara dropped by the Lonsdale shelter in search of a soul to love. “Indy was very vocal in her kennel,” Kiara recalls. “When we got to meet her one-on-one, she wasn’t very interested in us because she had a shell pool [to play with] and that was the bee’s knees!”

Nonetheless, Indy’s sweet nature and floppy ears worked their magic and she was officially adopted the next day.

 “Since then, Indy has become the centre of our universe and we couldn’t imagine life without her. Indy is a very loyal, sweet, happy and loving dog who enjoys playing in the water, cuddling up on the lounge, going on car rides and chasing her soccer ball.”

All that cuteness couldn’t go undocumented, so Kiara set up an Instagram account for Indy who has an ever growing fan base.

Indy now fills busy days with cuddling up on the couch, going for cruises in mum’s car (windows down, of course), rolling around with baby brother Onyx and chewing on bones. 

Indy now has a beautiful life.