Posted: 05 Mar 2019

Lucky is one very fortunate cat. Somehow, this adventurous moggie got himself trapped in the most unlikely of places – atop a tyre hanging metres between an old ship wreck in Adelaide’s Port River.

Who knows how long Lucky sat there stranded without food, shade or water. But thankfully, help was on its way, in the form of two kayakers moseying about looking for jellyfish.

“His head was dry but the rest of him was soaking wet and stinking. He had all kinds of gunk coming out of his eyes and was bleeding from one of his teeth. He seemed way too skinny and emaciated to climb up the rope.” says Aivars, the name of one of the people who came to Lucky’s rescue.

Paddling over to the friendly cat, wife Sarah held onto Aivars’ kayak, steadying it as he stood up to rescue poor Lucky. “He instantly started purring,” Aivars recalls.

 “We loaded up our kayaks and drove straight to RSPCA. I held onto the cat in the back seat and he just fell asleep in my arms. He was really exhausted and out of it,” Aivars says.

Back at RSPCA South Australia’s Lonsdale shelter, veterinarians found 3-year-old Lucky skinny and suffering mild dental disease, but otherwise unharmed after his ordeal.

The malnourished moggie spent a week under careful observation, eating lots as he slowly regained his strength so that he could be desexed and microchipped, ready for adoption.

In the most perfect of happy endings, Lucky’s rescuers decided they simply had to give this brave cat the loving forever home he deserves.